Afternoon Panel

Shelley Hornstein

Professor, Architectural History & Visual Culture,

York University

Shelley Hornstein is Professor of Architectural History & Visual Culture at York University.

Themes she explores are located at the intersection of memory and place in architectural and urban sites, cosmopolitanism, nationhood and how architectural photography structures a conversation about place, citizenship and human rights. She is currently writing a book entitled: Site-Seeing: Monumental itineraries and Architectural Tourism, as an investigation of how architecture is the key to tourism through tangible and intangible places. Hornstein is the recipient of the Walter L. Gordon Fellowship, Canadian and International research awards, and is on the advisory boards for several academic journals.  She holds the inaugural eLearning Award for the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, York University, 2014. 

Her most recent book, Losing Site: Architecture, Memory and Place, was published by Ashgate in 2011. Her other books include: Capital Culture: A Reader on Modernist Legacies, State Institutions, and the Value(s) of Art (McGill-University Press, 2000), Image and Remembrance: Representation and The Holocaust (Indiana University Press, 2002), and Impossible Images: Contemporary Art after the Holocaust (NYU Press, 2003).

A graduate of the Université de Strasbourg (Marc Bloch), France, Professor Hornstein has taught at York University since 1985. Her courses include Memory and Place, Cultural Cartographies, Paris as Modernist Dream, The Celluloid City, No Place like Home, and The Metropolis Revisited. Prior to York University, she taught at Concordia and Laval Universities. She is a member of York’s graduate programs in Art History, Culture and Communications, and Social and Political Thought. She has served as Associate Dean, Co-Director of the Centre for Feminist Research, and twice Chair of Department of Fine Arts, Atkinson College.